The St Louis Monaghan Town Transition Year students group are tackling waste

The St Louis Monaghan Town Transition Year students group are tackling waste, as they experience an excessive use of plastic in school. As a team, they designed a survey to aid their research and gain insights from other pupils on the topic. 

The students used their focused Challenge to help spark ideas. Their defined project question asks, ‘How can we provide resources for self-education and help students understand that their small everyday actions can make a big difference?’ 
To help develop and select a solution, the team created personas. These are fictional characters that represent a target group. 
Using the persona, the team concluded that an ‘achievable environmental actions calendar’ provides small everyday actions that people can pick up, to change habits and behaviours. Currently, they are developing the project specifics- thinking of ways to involve local businesses to set challenges, for example. 
What’s next? Making a final prototype and testing it with their target groups!” 

Adrian Fitzgerald, the Transition Year coordinator, said ‘I would highly recommend that other groups

get involved! The girls have enjoyed the sessions with Rhona, the trainer, and the various creative thinking exercises and discussions. We look forward to getting involved again next year!’.


Natural Resources, Biodiversity, Local Services, Health And Wellbeing, Youth Development

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