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A few weeks ago, the Climate Action group in Monaghan tested their idea with the public! They aimed to capture honest responses and feedback that would help them understand the genuine impact of their innovation.

The Climate Action Group has developed a Community Climate Calendar (CCC) proposal. It is a community-led project whereby locals can attend events to build skill sets and be inspired by ways to protect and enhance local biodiversity. They have developed the idea of an online calendar space where you can find the volunteer, sign up and allocate the time and location for these events. Tips and good news stories would also be visible on the website. Biodiversity is the CCC strand that they have created. However, they hope to establish other strands of climate action calendars and events to tackle issues around waste, water, recycling or energy on a website in the future. 

The team had insightful discussions with the public. By letting the public interact with and try out their CCC mock-up website, they could give honest feedback on how to build and develop their CCC proposal. This is the team's second round of community on-street engagement. 

We aim to put our ideas out there as quickly as possible in Design Thinking. The climate action group has done precisely this, taking the public along their innovation journey to empower them and give them a voice!


Climate Action, Biodiversity, Health And Wellbeing

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