Sligo’s Biodiversity Challengers release their survey in Sligo LEADERS eZine

Biodiversity loss in Sligo is a complex issue currently being challenged by a local group, using a range of design thinking tools to narrow down their focus. In doing so, they have released their survey in LEADER’s monthly eZine, and have reached out to PPN groups to find out what’s on people’s minds with regards to the local environment.
The group aims to identify what biodiversity practices could support community groups, and tackle climate change at a local level. Additionally, the group will gain insights into how to build on the networking and relationships of community groups, to implement sustainable practices.

In the weeks leading up to creating their survey, the group have debated what the challenge really is in tackling biodiversity loss, and with a diverse set of skills they have approached the challenge from all angles. One of the main complex themes around biodiversity loss, they believe, is linked to lack of communication and accessibility to resources, leading to a lack of engagement, and therefore a lack of empathy.

The group revised the questions they wanted to ask, and with a cohesive aim, they discussed ethics, the most appropriate methods for their research and decided which community groups they would approach. 

There will be an exciting few weeks ahead as they uncover responses from local groups and individuals in Sligo which will help them create a solution to really make an innovative difference in their area. Some suggested ideas so far have been; a hub of resources including a website and  social media strategy; creating a role for a local environmental officer; and an accessible research or policy document relevant to individuals who may not be involved in environmental action. 

To achieve their goal, the group will use their survey feedback to explore funding options through the Sligo Environmental network. We can’t wait to see what they create!

If you are local to Sligo, we invite you to take part in the group’s survey


Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity

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