St Mogues transition year students are working on tackling food sustainability

The transition year students from St.Mogues college working on ‘Tackling Food Sustainability in our Community’ worked on innovative solutions that responded to the insights they gathered from their community engagement. The students conducted their community engagement by asking people about their shopping habits and food waste practices. In the in-person workshop the students defined their brief to ‘How might we help people to plan better, save money, prevent bulk buying and reduce food waste in the community? We used various tools such as user journeys of different users before, during and after shopping experiences. These personas were based off of their research ; person with a busy work schedule, people who grab what they see / love a good bargain, people who bulk buy to save money. These personas helped the students to put themselves in the shoes of another and conceptualise solutions directly responding to the users needs. Our next steps are to select their favourite ideas that respond bes to their informed brief, that they find exciting and that is achievable. 


Biodiversity, Food & Drink, Youth Development

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