Monaghan’s Climate Action Youth Group Designs Their Curious Object

The girls have voted to focus on waste as they experience the excessive use of plastic in school, leading to wastage, and have chosen to focus on solving this as their challenge. We explored the challenge today in their area, and the group had a great time creating headlines and stories of what they wish to see in their future world. 

As we began to design our research for finding out more from other pupils in the school, and how waste is a part of their lives, the girls were most interested in creating a curious object, a graffiti wall and cultural probes:

As a team, we decided on their questions, referring back to our aim ‘To reduce plastic use in schools’, the questions they chose to focusing in on plastic waste and climate change are:

  • ‘why do you care about climate change?’*
  • ‘how do you see climate change impact your life?’ (now and in the future)
  • ‘why should we reduce our plastic waste?’*
  • ‘what are you doing to help?’
  • ‘What hurdles prevent you from helping?’

As the girls developed their questions it became clear it would be through a survey - but prompted with the curious object in the school. The girls thought about what impression the interaction would have on their participants and how to make them think, but also to leave them with positive actions.


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