Drogheda Grammar School -

Two Transition Year groups from Drogheda Grammar School are undertaking a Design Thinking course with Innovating Communities with their Trainer, Gavin and Co-Trainer, Derbhille.

Group 1 has chosen the challenge of 'Creating a safe social space for teens in Drogheda'. In the video available here: https://www.instagram.com/p/ClLszrPsbtr/, you can see their work from day 4 where they have formulated questions for their user-centred research, part of the 'Empathise' stage.

Group 2 is looking at the theme of 'Mental Health'. On day 4 of their course, they have created Personas which will help them to generate and develop informed project ideas that benefit their established users.

This is fantastic work! We can't wait to see what else these groups get up to!


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