Long lane watching for biodiversity in North Leitrim

Posted by Howard Fox on Oct 5, 2021

This room with a view is here in Corracloona in North Leitrim, about midway between the Rainbow Ballroom and Kiltyclogher at the northwest end of Upper Lough MacNean.  I have been long lane watching for biodiversity. The Small Copper butterfly and the Dark green Fritillary are the scarcest butterfly species on the place here in Corracloona, in the period 2019 to 2021. The 2021 Ringlet population is not as strong as 2020; and the Peacock is also not so often seen, except up at Chandler's. 

Corracloona is also on a former butter route, across the Black River from Drumkeenagh. A gentleman on the Fermanagh side went by the name Captain Butter. It is alleged that butter crossed the border here, with consignments of produce fresh from the butter market in Enniskillen, whisked across in 56 pound boxes. The butter flew across the border, like a small copper, unimpeded by customs, or a small copper. A festival to re-enact the butter smuggling would be fun event, as would interviews with a few chancers here with airs of legitimacy, who are interested in regaling some history. 

Corracloona in 2020 is the sort of place in North Leitrim, where with a bit of negotiation and planning, one could coerce the postman to deliver two 5kg bags of dog food from Clancy's in Glenfarne during the lockdown. Corracloona in North Leitrim is a sort of place, where Oberon bites Miss Geraghty's book, five minute writer, from post to post, leaving the book cover like a pelleted Dumshambo roadsign, worse from wear. 

 Howard Fox,
5 x 2021


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