St mogues’ community pop-up cinema

Location: Templeport hall 
Date: Friday, 29th
Start time: 8pm 

St Mogues College is having their first pop-up Cinema as a way of developing the community, creating a space for socialising, bringing people to the area, creating potential job opportunities as well as creating further opportunities in County Cavan.

Throughout the process the students have applied several design thinking tools to help them design human-centred solutions to help tackle climate challenge on a local level. The students conducted user-centred, to gather rich insights into peoples behaviours towards a pop-up space in the community. 

Based on their research the students created personas to develop empathy and put themselves into another's shoes. Personas are fictional characters that represent a target group.

Using their defined brief based on insights and personas, the students used moodboards to play with the aesthetic of the space that would respond to the needs of the community. Some of the students are involved in the tuk shop and will be able to run a cafe at the event. Finally we finished the workshop with making signs for the cinema, ticket sales, the cafe and their community engagement boards - asking the community to input ‘what helps you to relax?’, ‘what makes you happy?’ As well as a board for the community to ‘volunteer’ any skills, training, experience or hobbies they have that they could contribute to the multi-functional community space.

They have chosen to show monty pythons ‘Holy Grail’ as their first film. This will be the first of many hopefully as well as developing the pop-up further, for the benefit of the community. 

To register an interest and to check out the event go to 


Social Enterprise, Local Services, Place & Space, Youth Development

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