St Columba's Comprehensive School - Sports Matters

Forty-seven TY students from the Glenties Comprehensive recently completed an Innovating Communities course in Design Thinking. 
The students worked in two groups with facilitators from Ice Cream Architecture and Donegal Local Development Company (DLDC) to make an online students’ magazine and a mobile phone Sports App.
The content of the online applications was written entirely by the students themselves and covered items such as sport, sports training and competing, dealing with injuries and teamwork.  

The magazine covered social justice issues, local businesses and lifestyle fashion and foods. 
Innovating Communities is a LEADER Cooperation project delivered by DLDC in Donegal which aims to strengthen resilience, local development, and community-led action by training community groups, businesses and individuals in Design Thinking, a creative problem- solving process.  

Pictured with the students were course facilitators Tony Kerrigan – Ice Cream Architecture & Eamonn Bonner DLDC. 


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