The PEAvolution!

Our Innovating Communities group ‘Tackling Climate change at a local level’ ran their ‘PEAvolution’ stall at Sligo farmers market during St.patrick's long weekend. 

The group was promoting local food growing to build our appreciation for nature and start a movement of increased biodiversity practices.

“Have you tasted peas straight from the pod? Remember how tasty they are?
Join us in the PEAvolution!” 

Why peas? Because it's so easy, and they taste great! Plus, growing your own food has various personal benefits, such as increasing your physical and mental health. If that's not enough, there are also environmental benefits like cutting food miles! Particularly with petrol costs going up - less driving to the supermarket would surely be in everyone's interest.

Their message - “Let's make Sligo greener - just plant the seed and watch it grow!”

The event was a great success -  from linking an individual's unused land to small community groups, networking with great local initiatives; local youth groups for example Junior Tidy Towns, as well as highlights from individual interactions - like generating enthusiasm around growing - “I’m going to go home and plant these right now”,  inspiring someone who had never eaten peas raw to grow their own! And the kids loved them -  “who loves peas - ME!” 

Don’t know where to start? There are lots of great resources available to you that are local to Sligo;
The Organic Centre is a charity & social enterprise that works hard to increase knowledge, and awareness about organic growing, biodiversity, climate change, food sovereignty and sustainable energy.
The organic garden in Knockvicar, welcomes visitors to look around, & pick up some free organic gardening advice.
Quickcrop - who reach out to small community groups and they have fantastic free videos and resources on their website, too! 

You can contact also us here:


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