St.Louis ‘Daily Deeds’

St Louis Monaghan Town Transition Year students Challenge is to tackle waste, as they experience an excessive use of plastic in school. As a team, they designed a survey to aid their research and gain insights from other pupils on the topic.
Throughout the process the students applied several design thinking tools to help them design human-centred solutions to help tackle climate challenges on a local level. The students conducted user-centred, qualitative research to gather rich insights into people's behaviours towards plastic.  
Based on their research the students created personas to develop empathy and put themselves into another's shoes. Personas are fictional characters that represent a target group.
Using their defined brief based on insights and personas, their defined project question asks, ‘How can we provide resources for self-education and help students understand that their small everyday actions can make a big difference?’ 


Social Enterprise, Education / Training, Children And Families, Youth Development

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