Leave Nobody Behind

On the 3rd of November 2021, we began the ‘Be A Welcoming Community’ course. The aim of the course, as taken from it’s description on the website, is as follows: 

This course will focus on combating loneliness, social isolation, and the digital divide for marginalised communities as we move towards recovery from the impact of COVID on our economic and social life. The benefits will enhance education, health and wellbeing and other opportunities for marginalised individuals / communities.
In our four lessons so far, we have spoken about our communities, the variety of Challenges we face and how our communities have changed over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we as a group come from different towns within Louth, and have different physical spaces we might light to concentrate our challenge on, we all share a common Challenge in that we aim to create and develop lasting connections within our communities.
From the beginning, we have placed an emphasis on everybody in the community being involved, which means that we need to understand who can be left out of our sense of community, whatever this looks like for us, why this might be, and aim to create a space that is accessible to everybody within our communities. A phrase that has reoccurred multiple times in our course is: ‘Leave Nobody Behind’.
Our next step is to undertake ‘Research Tours’ and begin to gather real-life experiences and understanding of exemplary community spaces in the Louth area. We intend to visit a variety of locations including: Blackrock Park, Mountain Bay Farm and Allotments and Dunlear Men’s Shed. From here, we hope to gather inspiration and ideas to present to our local communities and gather some feedback from them, as well as ideas, which will begin our Community Engagement phase.
We really look forward to sharing our findings with you in our next blog post!


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