Pop up cinema

St Mogues had their pop up cinema event last Friday showing Ferris Buelllers Day out as well as running a pop-up cafe and some games. 

The students were inspired by various community projects and the concept of a pop-up space was something that was achievable for them with the support of the community lending them a speaker and projector as well as the staff at Templeport Hall providing them with a space to use for the evening. 

A particular project called The Little Shop that Can that brought the strengths of the community together to run a local shop that inspired the students to ask the community what their strengths were, be it hard skills like training and experience or soft skills like personal hobbies and interests. 

After the event Tamra, one of the TY students said “it’s been really great having somewhere to relax and it was really fun to set it up as a group”.

Hopefully the students will feel empowered to continue hosting pop-up events for the community. We will meet this week to discuss the groups next steps and to reflect on the project.


Place & Space, Youth Development

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