Rejuvenating Killeshandra

Do you have an amazing idea to rejuvenate your town?

Rejuvenating Killeshandra is a group in Cavan who are taking part in a challenge to re-develop and rejuvenate the town of Killeshandra. The team is working collaboratively to develop a shared vision for the town, and where we want to be in ten years time. We are creating a sustainable long-term plan to work towards our goal, and it’s the beginning of our journey to build a long-term process for the town. From our engagement with our community groups, it’s very much agreed that action is needed for change to happen.
Our goal is to have a shared vision and action plan by Spring 2022.

Collaboration is a key part of the planning process and we are really keen to ask local residents what ideas you have for Killeshandra. One of our team members, has created a website for the town, and you can submit ideas on the ideas page 

What would you like to see happen? 
Submit your suggestions for Killeshandra here 


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