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Ensuring sewage treatment for Dunfanaghy appropriate to present and to future needs.

Ensuring sewage treatment for Dunfanaghy approp...

As above.

Sharing the beauty and peculiarity of Ardee Bog: Ecological Survey & Community Outreach

Sharing the beauty and peculiarity of Ardee Bog...

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness of Ardee Bog as an important landscape for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and recreation. Friends of Ardee Bog (FAB) wish to carry out an ecological survey of a sample area of Ardee Bog, and share the knowledge we acquire with the community through outreach. The ecological assessment would investigate which species are supported by the sample area of the bog and would evaluate its rewetting and rewilding potential. FAB would then share our knowledge of the bog and its biodiversity through setting up a ‘pop-up’ shop in Ardee in which we could exhibit artwork and information, host educational workshops and organise site visits. FAB would formulate a fundraising plan for the project as part of the challenge. This challenge would equip FAB with valuable knowledge and experience which would help us to carry out similar and potentially larger projects in the future.

A Community Based Landscape Vision for the Protection and Renewal of the Pettigoe Plateau.

A Community Based Landscape Vision for the Prot...

This large upland area in south Donegal contains some of the best natural, cultural and heritage landscapes in the country. The course would aim to bring people together to learn about this unique landscape, what the threats and opportunities are, and to then establish a vision for this unique area, much of it still in a semi-wilderness state in the year 2021. The challenge would be to involve local landowners including farmers and forestry companies; local comunities and people living on or bordering the plateau such as the villages of Pettigo, Laghey and Ballintra, and all local groups/national agencies who collectively have an interest in taking environmental/economic issues effecting the area seriously - while exploring the opportunities such a plan could create in enhancing and restoring these uplands over the coming decades.

Developing Universal Design Community Garden

Developing Universal Design Community Garden

Developing and establishing Dundalk Community Garden, based on a Universal Design would be all inclusive, accessible as well as supporting a wide range of needs. It would be a place where all ages and backgrounds could find respite and experience nature, supporting sensory, therapeutic and mental health. It's aim is to engage all levels of ability and backgrounds, children with additional needs, families,young people,single individuals, general population, dementia sufferers, it would support those who feel lonely and isolated no matter the age or gender in gardening, horticultural therapy or just enjoying the change of seasons or to learn something new or inspire connection to nature. Help bridging the gap in town center activities and bringing the community together.

Community Gardens and Allotments in North County Louth

Community Gardens and Allotments in North Count...

The purpose of this Design Thinking course is to facilitate interested participants who are passionate about creating community gardens and allotments in their local community in North County Louth which would create opportunities for meeting, socialising and growing organic fruit and vegetables to sustain their families and communities.

Knowledge and Skills for Circular Economy

Knowledge and Skills for Circular Economy

Educate about why we need to transition from linear to circular economy. Develop a market place for materials for the circular economy.

Restoring hedgerows for climate and biodiversity benefits

Restoring hedgerows for climate and biodiversit...

Hedgerows are homes for birds and mammals, support pollinators, shelter livestock from cold and heat, absorb carbon, prevent sediment entering watercourses, and are often last spots where you will see spring woodland flowers. Widespread removal and intensive management is reducing their coverage and benefits. Challenge is to find a way with landowners, communities and others to join together to create a real network of healthy hedgerows stretching across the region.

Wells for Community Connection

Wells for Community Connection

To develop exsisting and new places /opportunities for social connection in meaningful ways. Traditionally communities where more dependent on each other and more curious to connect (less distractions) The local community well was a meeting spot for clean water. Meeting at the well and other meeting spots created strong connections. As did the mode of transport ie walking and cycling created opportunities to stop and acknowledge each other. Recreating this type of transport initiative in rural Ireland like electric bikes initatives would help the actions to reduce climate change / and involve tech solutions re the security and charging points as secondary aims. The primary simple aims are social engagement in health promoting initiatives through meeting places as a result of meaningful regular activity.

The Tain Walkway

The Tain Walkway

Creating a Walkway from Ardee to Dundalk through Tallanstown, Louth Village and Knockbridge using the historic Tain Trail as a guide

Food Growers Network & Strategy in Monaghan

Food Growers Network & Strategy in Monaghan

Connecting consumers with the county's growers, and connecting growers with one another. Expand on the existing (?) Monaghan Food Network between restaurants and food producers in the North Monaghan area and make it a county wide effort. Create a new strategy? - the last one was 2017-2020. A community supported approach to agriculture is required as many farmers do not have the time for the admin side of things. Food poverty needs to be addressed too. Could we introduce food subsidies similar to medical subsidies for those on social welfare? Offer social food credit, can only be spent on locally grown or produced food? Ensure balanced focus on veg growing alongside meat production; there's a lot of emphasis on meat and dairy. Promote seasonal consumption.

Littering on Rural Roadsides

Littering on Rural Roadsides

Littering in ditches and illegal dumping has spoiled many countryside roads and walks in Leitrim. At a glance, the Lough Allen loop (the roads through Ballinaglera, Drumshanbo, Drumkeerin and Dowra) is noticeably bad. Much of this rubbish has been expelled from passing vehicles. This issue threatens the natural biodiversity, local tourism and the environment. This challenge may well transcend county borders. Hopefully a collective discussion will follow with all those interested.

Using the Masterplan to Develop the Sliabh Beagh Area

Using the Masterplan to Develop the Sliabh Beag...

Funding is needed to develop the area. The Sliabh Beagh area is a beautiful amenity in North Monaghan that has been underdeveloped and underfunded. The Sliabh Beagh Masterplan has been created with ideas to develop and enhance the area. These ideas need funding to be progressed.

Digital Divide

Digital Divide

increase in eServices leaving people behind

Climate Change Initiative

Climate Change Initiative

A programme set out to work with 12 young people from the mid Louth area that will focus on Climate Change and Climate Action. This programme could aim to highlight and focus on not only this generations awareness but also future generations solutions.

Cycle and Pedestrian lanes for Ballybofey-Stranorlar

Cycle and Pedestrian lanes for Ballybofey-Stran...

Ballybofey-Stranorlar has a population of approx 2000 children in schools and creches. We also have many people involved outdoor activities including walking, running and cycling in the community. The towns need to be developed to make it easier for school children and our community to move around safety without cars. Our town centres are walkable and easily accessible, but the pre-dominance of cars in the main streets, inadequate pavement width and lack of cycle lanes make it unsafe for non-car road users in most areas. Establishing proper cycle and pedestrian lanes would - link the heart of the towns with areas of recreation on the town boundaries - support the development of wellbeing activities for people of all ages and abilities - reduce the number of cars on the road, and congestion, especially at the start and end of the school day.

A Recreation Corridor from Donegal's heartland to the Coast

A Recreation Corridor from Donegal's heartland ...

Establish a networked recreation corridor through the area of scenic beauty from Ballybofey-Stranorlar to Donegal Town, in Co. Donegal. Creating a visitor friendly route between these two key towns in Donegal would - provide a resource for tourists and residents, encouraging year round wellbeing and outdoor activities - stimulate small communities and craft businesses along the route - create a pathway for visitors along the wild atlantic way into the heart of Donegal drawing them further north on their journeys The Wild Atlantic Way has been brilliant for bringing visitors to the West Coast of Ireland, but areas without the attractions of beaches are losing out as visitors congregate along signature points. Failte Ireland also recognise that the WAW north of Galway is underperforming and attracting fewer visitors than the southern route. this project would increase economic and tourism sustainability for the North West of Ireland.

Diversification opportunities for farmers

Diversification opportunities for farmers

What non-agricultural or novel enterprise opportunities available to farmers

EV Electric Vehicle Interpretive Centres joint funded by vehicle manufactures'/government

EV Electric Vehicle Interpretive Centres joint...

Ireland is banning the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.In less than nine years from now motorists will be asked to embrace new technologies in a new form of transport most have never used before. To help this transition E.V. centres are needed to assist the motoring public in becoming familiar with the use of such vehicles. Here they can test drive different models by hiring and taking them on a circuit provided by the centre. In doing so such fears as range anxiety can be addressed and the advantages of owning such vehicles can be shown in a hands on experience. I feel this could speed up the interest in such vehicles by familiarising the public on a need to know basis. These centres could also help in making the transition to E.V.s less challenging as we approach the 2030 deadline. These centres would arguably be the first of their kind in Ireland and bring other benefits such as tourism. Here visiting families can experience the future of travel.

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