A Community Based Landscape Vision for the Protection and Renewal of the Pettigoe Plateau.

Posted by Keith Corcoran on Sep 6, 2021

This large upland area in south Donegal contains some of the best natural, cultural and heritage landscapes in the country.
The course would aim to bring people together to learn about this unique landscape, what the threats and opportunities are, and to then establish a vision for this unique area, much of it still in a semi-wilderness state in the year 2021.
The challenge would be to involve local landowners including farmers and forestry companies; local comunities and people living on or bordering the plateau such as the villages of Pettigo, Laghey and Ballintra, and all local groups/national agencies who collectively have an interest in taking environmental/economic issues effecting the area seriously - while exploring the opportunities such a plan could create in enhancing and restoring these uplands over the coming decades.


Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Circular Economy, Children And Families, Tourism, Place & Space, Youth Development

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