Restoring hedgerows for climate and biodiversity benefits

Posted by Shirley Clerkin on May 19, 2021

Hedgerows are homes for birds and mammals, support pollinators, shelter livestock from cold and heat, absorb carbon, prevent sediment entering watercourses, and are often last spots where you will see spring woodland flowers. Widespread removal and intensive management is reducing their coverage and benefits. Challenge is to find a way with landowners, communities and others to join together to create a real network of healthy hedgerows stretching across the region.

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

Natural Resources, Climate Action, Brexit, Biodiversity, Health And Wellbeing, Food & Drink, Place & Space

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Simon Canning

Did you know that under the terms of the Wildlife Act, roadside hedge-cutting is only permitted between 1st September and the end of February.

There are exceptions for agriculture/forestry and public health and safety (eg roads safety/building works etc).

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