Littering on Rural Roadsides

Posted by Barry Gilmartin on Apr 5, 2021

Littering in ditches and illegal dumping has spoiled many countryside roads and walks in Leitrim. At a glance, the Lough Allen loop (the roads through Ballinaglera, Drumshanbo, Drumkeerin and Dowra) is noticeably bad. Much of this rubbish has been expelled from passing vehicles. This issue threatens the natural biodiversity, local tourism and the environment. This challenge may well transcend county borders. Hopefully a collective discussion will follow with all those interested.

Leitrim, Cavan

Climate Action, Biodiversity, Tourism, Place & Space

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Kathleen Kearns

can we incentivise people to dispose of rubbish responsibly? Instead of charging them for bin services and fining them for dumping stuff, pay them for using bring centres? bottle and can banks, and collecting bags of litter, a sort of weigh in for rubbish and paid for certain amounts disposed properly?

also educate around reduce, reuse, recycle benefits???

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