Community Gardens and Allotments in North County Louth

Posted by Derbhille Clarke on Jul 16, 2021

The purpose of this Design Thinking course is to facilitate interested participants who are passionate about creating community gardens and allotments in their local community in North County Louth which would create opportunities for meeting, socialising and growing organic fruit and vegetables to sustain their families and communities.


Social Enterprise, Development Group, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Local Services, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Children And Families, Place & Space

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Derbhille Clarke

Thanks Gerard and Clodagh for your support for this potential Design Thinking course. I have another challenge which is very similar and these two challenges could potentially be put together to create a course if we get enough people who are interested in participating. I will keep you both posted on any update with progress and I am wondering if this course becomes a reality would you be interested in attending as participants?

Gerard Byrne

I'd like to support the community garden initiative.

Clodagh Mcgreehan

Cooley Connect Well community group facilitated a weekly 5 month project based on social gardening and connecting communities. There was great interest before and after
With local allotment plots in Cooley Peninsula there is now more opportunity for community growning space.
There is a need for supportive outdoor spaces for growing with nature (organic) as the focus but only a small part being the products. The growing process could provide Wells of Connection

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