Sharing the beauty and peculiarity of Ardee Bog: Ecological Survey & Community Outreach

The purpose of this challenge is to raise awareness of Ardee Bog as an important landscape for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and recreation.

Friends of Ardee Bog (FAB) wish to carry out an ecological survey of a sample area of Ardee Bog, and share the knowledge we acquire with the community through outreach.

The ecological assessment would investigate which species are supported by the sample area of the bog and would evaluate its rewetting and rewilding potential.

FAB would then share our knowledge of the bog and its biodiversity through setting up a ‘pop-up’ shop in Ardee in which we could exhibit artwork and information, host educational workshops and organise site visits.

FAB would formulate a fundraising plan for the project as part of the challenge.

This challenge would equip FAB with valuable knowledge and experience which would help us to carry out similar and potentially larger projects in the future.


Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Education / Training, Tourism, Place & Space, Town Centres

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