Kiltyclogher's heartfelt Robins

One of the participants in our Innovating Communities project, artist Carol-Ann McGowan, has been featured on RTE showcasing her handcrafted robins. Carol is a graphic designer and has been making needle-felted robins as gifts to deliver by the postman that would acknowledge the passing of people lost due to the pandemic.

Carol’s business, Heartfelt Gifts, is based in the village of Kiltyclogher, and she makes great use of the local post office to deliver her robins, ready to fly their way across the globe. One of the issues the village is facing is the risk of the Post Office closing, which would mean the loss of financial services and potentially the local shop. The team of community members involved in the Reviving Kiltyclogher project, have created a campaign to encourage people to use the services.

Read more about Carol’s robins, handmade in Leitrim, on RTE right here:


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