Climate Action, Biodiversity and Sustainability


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About the Course


This course is for people who are passionate about tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity and increasing rural attractiveness. It will encourage the development of sustainable practices and environmental regeneration through the cross-pollination of ideas from individuals and groups in the County. Once sufficient interested individuals have registered interest, the exact focus of the Challenge will be determined.

Our Design Thinking-led training teaches valuable skills that can be used to create people-centred, innovative plans in response to challenges or opportunities like the one above. You will also have access to 1-on-1 mentoring from your trainer and co-trainer. Co-trainers are volunteers from your county with knowledge and/or experience in community action.

Your team will choose between a Sprint Course (21 hours) or Marathon Course(42 hours) and are asked to commit to weekly sessions. Weekly sessions are typically 2 hours long.

Development Group, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Tourism, Infrastructure, Place & Space

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