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Village regeneration through infrastructure improvement

Village regeneration through infrastructure imp...

To create community cohesion, participation and buy in from the wider community. To create a shared vision to address local dereliction, parking, walking, birdwatching, by implementing an economic priority for the local community first.

The Tain Walkway

The Tain Walkway

Creating a Walkway from Ardee to Dundalk through Tallanstown, Louth Village and Knockbridge using the historic Tain Trail as a guide

Encourage and enable street art, trails and tours throughout Monaghan

Encourage and enable street art, trails and tou...

Encourage street art, art trails and tours throughout Monaghan to increase visitors, tourism, culture and more. Electric box art, look at Dublin Canvas, by local and or national and international artists Murals, look at Waterford Walls festival = Monaghan's Murals Could result in an art trail incorporating murals and or electric box art work and Patrick Kavanagh existing trail plus more Or a Monaghan's Murals festival showcasing artwork

Develop Monaghan Sports and Sport Culture Strategic Plan

Develop Monaghan Sports and Sport Culture Strat...

Develop Monaghan Sports and Sport Culture Strategic Plan Could consider and incorporate the findings of the upcoming/recent Get Girls Active Hackathon event And in view of this January 2021 research report on getting girls active Incorporate the actions of National Sports Policy 2018 – 2027 and in Sport Ireland's Strategy Statement

Develop a physical regeneration for the villiage

Develop a physical regeneration for the villiage

Regenerate the vacant and derelict fabric of the once thriving historic market village. Enticing new life and young families to the area and make our village vibrant once again. Regenerating these buildings would drive greater economic activity and footfall as well as acting as a catalyst for improvements to the wider area.

Beside the Seaside

Beside the Seaside

I would like Louth Co Co to provide beach huts for rental along the beach fronts in areas like Port, to get people to have more contact with the beach, it would bring a bit of colour to the areas and help people take a bit more pride in the area.

Better community integration

Better community integration

Moving to a different country is not an easy task. Once you arrive to your new country you can be faced with different barriers. One of the most common problem faced by families arriving to Ireland presently is that of language barrier and Culture shock. Culture shock can be experienced from difficulties of making new friends, worries of fitting in and finding job. You suddenly feels like the outsider. Your life has changed and your previous life seems so distant away. You become uncomfortable as you grow in different direction than what you have been used to. Life becomes stressful and tense. And you begin to look for clusters that reminds you of home in silo groups. Integrating becomes difficult. But remember you will not always feel this way. Our challenge is to use our unique skill set to bring together women from all the different nationalities living in Co Louth to work together with people they would normally not work with for better integration in our communities.

Using the Masterplan to Develop the Sliabh Beagh Area

Using the Masterplan to Develop the Sliabh Beag...

Funding is needed to develop the area. The Sliabh Beagh area is a beautiful amenity in North Monaghan that has been underdeveloped and underfunded. The Sliabh Beagh Masterplan has been created with ideas to develop and enhance the area. These ideas need funding to be progressed.

Cycle and Pedestrian lanes for Ballybofey-Stranorlar

Cycle and Pedestrian lanes for Ballybofey-Stran...

Ballybofey-Stranorlar has a population of approx 2000 children in schools and creches. We also have many people involved outdoor activities including walking, running and cycling in the community. The towns need to be developed to make it easier for school children and our community to move around safety without cars. Our town centres are walkable and easily accessible, but the pre-dominance of cars in the main streets, inadequate pavement width and lack of cycle lanes make it unsafe for non-car road users in most areas. Establishing proper cycle and pedestrian lanes would - link the heart of the towns with areas of recreation on the town boundaries - support the development of wellbeing activities for people of all ages and abilities - reduce the number of cars on the road, and congestion, especially at the start and end of the school day.

A Recreation Corridor from Donegal's heartland to the Coast

A Recreation Corridor from Donegal's heartland ...

Establish a networked recreation corridor through the area of scenic beauty from Ballybofey-Stranorlar to Donegal Town, in Co. Donegal. Creating a visitor friendly route between these two key towns in Donegal would - provide a resource for tourists and residents, encouraging year round wellbeing and outdoor activities - stimulate small communities and craft businesses along the route - create a pathway for visitors along the wild atlantic way into the heart of Donegal drawing them further north on their journeys The Wild Atlantic Way has been brilliant for bringing visitors to the West Coast of Ireland, but areas without the attractions of beaches are losing out as visitors congregate along signature points. Failte Ireland also recognise that the WAW north of Galway is underperforming and attracting fewer visitors than the southern route. this project would increase economic and tourism sustainability for the North West of Ireland.

Keeping towns and villages viable

Keeping towns and villages viable

Finding new uses for closed up buildings attracting more people to live work and spend time locally

Be a Welcoming Community

Be a Welcoming Community

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful life events. Imagine trying to settle into your new neighbourhood during a global pandemic and national lockdown. I know all about this challenge as I faced it when I moved into a new estate in August 2020. I also know community services are striving to develop new ways to reach marginalised individuals and communities safely, as we emerge out of a lockdown as restrictions are being lifted. COVID has highlighted many of the inequalities that existed pre-COVID 19, for example, the digital divide is acutely felt by those who experience social isolation. Aim: The aim of this project is to reduce the digital divide, combat loneliness and social isolation for marginalised communities as we move towards recovery from the impact of COVID on our economic and social life. The benefits will enhance education, health and wellbeing and other opportunities for marginalised individuals / communities.

Services Outreach Centre for communities of Ray, Rathmullan and surrounding areas

Services Outreach Centre for communities of Ray...

Services for young people such as CAMHS, JIGSAW, RAINBOW, Donegal Youth Services are available in Letterkenny only. For older people services such as renewal of driving licenses, eye/ear appointments, chiropody, insurance could be made easier by bringing these services to Ray by way of pop-up clinics or consultations.

EV Electric Vehicle Interpretive Centres joint funded by vehicle manufactures'/government

EV Electric Vehicle Interpretive Centres joint...

Ireland is banning the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.In less than nine years from now motorists will be asked to embrace new technologies in a new form of transport most have never used before. To help this transition E.V. centres are needed to assist the motoring public in becoming familiar with the use of such vehicles. Here they can test drive different models by hiring and taking them on a circuit provided by the centre. In doing so such fears as range anxiety can be addressed and the advantages of owning such vehicles can be shown in a hands on experience. I feel this could speed up the interest in such vehicles by familiarising the public on a need to know basis. These centres could also help in making the transition to E.V.s less challenging as we approach the 2030 deadline. These centres would arguably be the first of their kind in Ireland and bring other benefits such as tourism. Here visiting families can experience the future of travel.

Local Museums

Local Museums

Every village in Ireland has a rich history. A history that American tourists, among many others come to find. Why don't we give them somewhere to experience this history. I wanted to open a museum in Drumkeeran, but..... With co-operation from other areas, and with the whole community pulling together, every village could have a little museum. Filled with pictures from the past. Stories from some of the families that have lived here forever. Something in every town or village for the tourists and new residents to learn about the locality, and of Ireland in general and it's place in the world. Most villages have an empty building that could be utilised. Every village have people who could man it. Volunteers to begin with, but in time, they could be paid from the income from the museum entrance fee. Local children could help build the exhibits, and then future generations could visit as part of history lessons. Depending on the ambition of the local community it could go prehistoric

Keeping the West open

Keeping the West open

Find a way to keep more of Irelands tourist things open longer. The local hotel closes for six months and with it one of our swimming pools. More people moved West during the pandemic, so these people and those already living here need to be recognised. When the tourists go, there is still a population who want to live, to experience things, to enjoy their weekends. It is more important now with the people from the East moving here. If there is nothing for them to do here, what stops them moving back East. It may mean opening shorter hours, or operating differently, but there us still money among the populace, we have to travel to Dublin for music events, don't make u have to travel for everything we want to do.

Communities Working Together for Everyone's Benefit

Communities Working Together for Everyone's Ben...

To gather community groups together to garner support for each other community's project in a positive and procative way

Services for Young People in Rural Areas

Services for Young People in Rural Areas

Young people in rural areas don't get the same level of support as most services are in urban areas. If young people want to access services they need to travel to urban areas. We need to engage with young people in their areas on their behalf. Working with them in their own communities so that they engage with their own communities.

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