Coordinate when festivals happen across the region

Bring all festival organisers together

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

Smart Villages, Town Centres, Youth Development

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Trevor Seery

Hi all,

I love this idea, a number of years ago, I ran a music blog in Galway called Online Music Tree. It featured a gig guide of what was happening in the city mainly. As this project ended, I started another one called Irish Music Archive. The point of which was to have a database of artists, gigs, festivals both past, present and indeed future that people could utilise for nostalgia, planning to attend gigs and even to be able to organise a small tour of towns via a venues section. I currently live in Co. Leitrim.

I have already created a google calendar with recurring festivals many years ago, that would need to be updated with current festivals. I think it might be an effective way for festival organisers to be able to plan events that extend the festival season rather than packing everything into two to three months and divide tourist numbers.

There is merit in Spring, Autumn and Winter festivals although organisers inevitably vie for Summer time due to the larger amount of tourist traffic.

Feel free to get in contact with me if this interests you. /

Helen Doherty

This would be a really valuable network and would help planning of events and festivals. There are so many platforms for promotion its impossible to track regionally whats happening any given weekend. Great potential for this idea.

Ronan Gilroy

June Bank Holiday Sundays 12-3pm is the Benbulben Motorshow (Location is likely to move into Sligo town.) @BenMotorShow
always seeking members (no heavy duties)
seeking Instagrammer.

Niall Jordan

I'm involved with Leitrim Pride and Sligo Pride Festival and would like to join in this challenge too.

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