Welcome to Innovating Communities in County Louth

Posted by Training Team on Mar 5, 2021

Welcome the Innovating Communities Louth which is being led by Louth LEADER Partnership. We are excited to be joining 6 counties to deliver design thinking training to our community members. In Louth we have partnered with Icecream Architecture to deliver this project. We are ambitious with what we can achieve and believe that Louth could be a lead in delivering ‘Innovative Thinking’ to the heart of Rural Development.

We are already proud of the innovation that is happening in the region with projects such as The Family Addiction Support Network in Dundalk, which was facing a number of challenges that impacted their community in 2020.  They needed to help alleviate the stress for family members and concerned persons impacted by a loved one’s substance misuse by creating a therapy room. They also needed to increase their security on the premises, and to upgrade their office equipment. In order to do the work, they had to have an injection of funds. They decided to put in an expression of interest to Louth LEADER Partnership to apply for grant aid. In September 2020, grant aid of €8,447 was awarded by Louth Local Community Development Committee (LAG). The funding was awarded under the LEADER Social Inclusion theme and is being used to achieve their goals as outlined above.

We think that Innovating Communities can give even more people the opportunities to be leading change in their area. Already we are starting to build strong themes for the area such as Climate Change, Health and Wellbeing, Developing Sustainable Tourism Solutions and much more. We want to hear more about your ideas for Louth. 

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