Attracting People to Live and Work in County Monaghan


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About the Course


Starting Friday 26th November 9.30-11.30am

Are you an employer, company, agency and or individual interested in attracting people to live and work in Monaghan?

This Course will focus on generating ideas to attract people to County Monaghan. By teaching Design Thinking, participants will learn valuable skills that can be used to create people-centred, innovative plans in response to challenges or opportunities such as attracting people to live and work in Monaghan.

The schedule will be determined once an interested Team have registered their interest and are ready to begin. The Course length can vary between 21 and 42 hours of training based on the availability of the Team and the weight of the Challenge. You and your Team will be expected to commit to weekly training sessions, typically 2 hours in length. You will also have access to 1-on-1 mentoring from your trainer. The team will also conduct community research and outreach during various stages of the course, between sessions.

Smart Villages, Business, Development Group, Brexit, Connectivity / Broadband, Local Services, Education / Training, Town Centres, Children And Families, Place & Space, Youth Development

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