Insurance Costs for community groups and social enterprises

Posted by Francis McCarron on Feb 23, 2021

There is a lack of competitive insurance provision for community groups and social enterprises. Small Community groups and charities could be forced to cease operations as a result. There may be an opportunity for a social enterprise to meet this need.

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

Social Enterprise, Development Group, Local Services, Tourism

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Rosaleen O brien

I would be very interested in this as well as our community groups have issues with insurance costs as well.

Ronan Gilroy

Who can find out the total ALL GROUPS spend annually? Feasibility of a county-level indemnity? Possibly industry bypass rebooting social cohesion :)

Tirloch Ó brien

Speaking from experience there is power in numbers. If you can get groups together (10+) to approach companies and ask for a groups discount or threaten to leave.

Orla Buckley

This is a huge problem for sporting groups, Community groups and small businesses - !!!!
Insurance is huge issue for the Circus and performing arts industry in Ireland and has been for the past 3 years.
Brexit is making this more difficult as UK insurance companies are leaving the market.
a government run insurance scheme for industries that cannot access affordable insurance is a way forward.

Bernie Ruth

Agree Francis, our small Heritage Group spends €400+ annually to cover Insurance for Mass at a local Mass Rock and appox. 5 other Rambles just in our local area. We are a small group and our only outlay each year is for Insurance. Its frustrating that we have to fund raise each year just to cover insurance costs, but without insurance we would not be able to hold these events, which are well supported and people enjoy them.

Test Tester

This seem like a really good challenge

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