Using the Masterplan to Develop the Sliabh Beagh Area

Posted by Cathy Bennett on Mar 25, 2021

Funding is needed to develop the area. The Sliabh Beagh area is a beautiful amenity in North Monaghan that has been underdeveloped and underfunded. The Sliabh Beagh Masterplan has been created with ideas to develop and enhance the area. These ideas need funding to be progressed.


Business, Development Group, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Youth Development, Local Services, Health And Wellbeing, Circular Economy, Children And Families, Food & Drink, Tourism

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Una Coyle

There is a great Dark Sky Park in Davagh Forest Park Cookstown NI, along with Mountain Bike Trails and Glamping Pods. Maybe one to review and learn from.

Carol Lambe

Perhaps the starting point is to form teams around each area in the Masterplan. For example, there is an area in the Masterplan focused on setting up a Dark Sky Park. Gathering together a group of volunteers who are interested in the night sky would be a good place to start. They could research the steps required to become a recognised Dark Sky Park with the International Dark Skies Association, talk to Kerry and Mayo, who are already established, make a calendar of astronomical events and plan some activities out on Sliabh Beagh to coincide with some of those events to get the ball rolling. For example, the county library team held a talk with an Irish astronaut in Knockatallon during Science Week a couple of years ago. There is an active rambling club out on Sliabh Beagh - might their walk leaders organise a night time ramble to take people up onto the mountain during a meteorite shower? There is funding available to Councils to replace street lighting with less polluting types

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