McGahern Trail - South Leitrim

Interpretative trail for John McGahern fans with a number of interpretative centres along the way. Between Mohill Fenagh Ballinamore and Aughawillan, the area where he grew up and lived for many years, that inspired a lot of his writing. It could be in conjunction with the development of a greenway based along the old Cavan Leitrim railway which stretches along this route.

Ballinamore Development


Natural Resources, Tourism, Development Group

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Conor Harte

Any update on this challenge? Would be great to bring groups together to move this forward

Kathleen Kearns

Fermanagh Writers meet in Blakes on Tuesday evenings (well preCoVid19 restrictions) and as you say cross border, cultural and culinary links possible too.

Helen Doherty

Kathleen - yes would be a real tourist attraction to link up cross border with a great food establishment!

Kathleen Kearns

and included in this route could be Blakes in Enniskillen, John McGahern was a regular at certain stages of his life. Great literary links too.

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