Town Vitality, How to increase population & visitors

Posted by Ronan Gilroy on Mar 4, 2021

Increase town residents = more evening-trade, activity, life, vibrancy, save retail!
Your ideas..?
Imagine walking through the Savoy Cinema doors (shut 30+ years) into a #CultureQuarter, a hidden village of ...?
Craft making, Arts, Studios, 3Dprinting resident’s waste plastic. Affordable indigenous commercial units like 'Donegal Village'.
Older generations; could we see a return of reLearning-old-trades before they're lost forever?

Mixed-income, multi-generational community-led housing is a norm in many countries. Until more learn Cohousing is not CoLiving, we'll never catch up with other UK/EU towns/cities. or does Sligo continue w 'flats' where nobody needs know their neighbour, or community.

Sligo's Courthouse Block
..still ignored, Dereliction has compounded vacancy.
#NormalPeople want to live in warmer communities. Down-sizers deserve better options than retirement or nursing village.
We can build better stuff in better places!


Social Enterprise, Smart Villages, Business, Development Group, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Technology, Connectivity / Broadband, Youth Development, Place & Space, Local Services, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Circular Economy, Town Centres, Children And Families, Infrastructure, Tourism

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Teresa Fogarty

Easy access to the town would make a huge difference for people coming and staying in Sligo.
A place where locals and visitors in all types and size vehicles can get to easily from the main roads, park without getting snarled up in traffic and easily walk (undercover?) into the town centre. Opening up the quay by Huges Bridge could be ideal - an attractive site by the river visible from the N4 would entice people to stop knowing that they'll find an easy park in a central location.

Ronan Gilroy

CoHousing and Housing-with-Supports Models Co-Located has not been done before. two new models, the public has no real understand of. yet. -please contact me for more on this topic.

Helen Doherty

Sligo is such a lovely town with great natural landscapes and heritage too! The music venue is a great idea. The councils have a role to play in enabling development for people - responding to the way people want to live instead of offering people units to live in. Building a way of life that breathes life and energy into town centres. Young people and older people in particular relish the convenience town centre living offers we just need better spaces (housing) for them to live in that offers both independence and community.

Emma Purcell

I’d love to see a music venue similar to the Da Club in Dublin

Niall Connaughton

I would love to see a music venue also, would be a great addition to the town and one that is well needed. Something for the rockers and punks!!

Cathy Quinlan

I would love to see an old style music venue! This can double up as a market place during the day. Think of the olympia mixed with George Street arcade! But with local Sligo vendors and the kind of style/class that the Savoy building deserves!

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