Develop sustainable tourism solutions

Create a wider range of sustainable tourist experiences to be consumed both from national and International travellers . The main aim should be to reduce the downfall of future pandemics, allow producers and growers to find new markets , maintain and create more local employment and diversify revenue streams.


Social Enterprise, Business, Covid, Tourism

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Gaia Dal ferro

Hi Grainne, personally I think it’s a great idea to look a it from a social enterprise point of view . It would be great if you could maybe get other people involved to ge a cohort organised !

Grainne Berrill

Hi Gaia - I am very interested in volunteerism and tourism in our area (Louth) and the potential for communities to create tourism offerings that feed back into the community - perhaps utilising the social enterprise model. I also think we need to connect local people with the heritage and other tourism offerings that are in their own area. Local and community involvement can be a really positive tool towards this however good quality support is needed to voluntary boards and others who take on such endeavours

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