Create New Community Woodlands

The Covid 19 2km and 5km restrictions further highlighted the the need for woodland in and near our towns. People of all ages have a renewed appreciation of the importance of woodlands to our health and well-being. We have a great opportunity to bring more woodland into our towns, making them healthier, more attractive places to live, work and visit, while also helping to improve biodiversity.


Biodiversity, Business, Children And Families, Climate Action, Covid, Development Group, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Local Services, Natural Resources, Place & Space, Town Centres

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Celine Garvey

Fully support this idea. Carrickmacross desperately needs woodland or forestry for the town to enjoy. Monaghan and Castleblaney have wonderful parks in Rossmore and Muckno but Carrickmacross really is missing a large woodland area. The Convent Avenue, while lovely, at 1.5km long just isn't big enough for the town to share.

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