Roller-Skate Rink in County Monaghan

Identify a group or individuals who may be interested in developing a roller-skating rink in County Monaghan. Perhaps making use of buildings that are not in use; for example, along the N2, there is a car dealership building that is no longer in use.



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Collette Mcentee

Hi all, just to let you know that we have now formed a set of workshops which you can sign up to at
These workshops are being rolled out for free and by expert trainers who will guide the group toward making a roller skate rink in Monaghan a reality. If you have questions about any of this, please email me at Collette / 087 176 1732

Amanda Mccarville

Great idea, it could be used for teens/older kids for rollerskating, for tots/younger children for skating and balance bikes. It would need to be multi use to make it a viable idea.

Ciara NĂ­ chionnaith

Great idea. Would love if it was available to children & adults, with adult only evenings at times. Also, have roller disco nights for teens between 15 & 17 who are too old for local teenage discos & too young for nightclubs. Hope it will be accessible to wheelchair users too. It could have so many uses, private parties, exercise classes, themed events, age & ability specific events, competitive events.

Mary Flynn

This sounds like a great idea to add to the range of Monaghan attractions. As a regional tour guide I have no doubt it would be useful to attract visitors to the county. It would help put Monaghan on the map!
As a grandparent I know it would be popular with families. It would be particularly attractive to teenagers. who always need a safe, fun environment to socialise in.
I am very excited by this proposal.

Celine Canavan

Yes! Great idea! Nice activity for families. Brilliant alternative to nightclubs for our young people. Great form of exercise for all. I think it would be a huge addition.

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