Visual Food Menus for Adults with Intellectual disabilities

Posted by Caroline Carty on Feb 18, 2022

I work within a residential setting in Sligo with adults with an intellectual disability. An area we find challenging for adults with ID is not being able to read a menu when out socially in Sligo or indeed in most counties in Ireland.
Inclusion in our society/ community should be for all. The adults I support can find this embarrassing that a staff member would have to read the menu for them, challenging and difficult that no visual menus are on display. We all have a right to be Included within our society. I would strongly like to highlight this as a major challenge for them. I and the people I support would like the opportunity to change this. What supports and help can you provide to us.

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

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Claudia Florchinger

imagine yourself in a foreign country of which you do not know the language, even the alphabet could be different from what you have learned. You want to eat, you could be just pointing at any item on the menu, not having a clue what you are ordering, could be anything....! How relieved would you be to see a picture of a plate of food, hopefully with a heading which states the main ingredient, e.g. fish, meat, vegetarian? Details will always get lost but at least you have an idea of what you are getting. This one aspect of accessibility, there are 100s more

Caroline Carty

Update on creating visuals menus in our local community.

Delighted to announce we have our first hotel " The Riverside" in Sligo who are delighted to be involved and support our project.

They are fully committed to making their hotel more accessible for people with disabilities and the right for all customers to be heard and feel socially included in their hotel.

I and the people I support met with Nathan ( manager) who was very enthusiastic about our idea and he too was thinking outside the box, gave myself and the people I support some food for thought which we will explore with our team over the coming days.

Nathan and his team are in the process of creating easy read menus ( visuals). The people I support will decide which menus are more suitable for them. Exciting days ahead.

Our goal short term is to reach out to local restaurants, pubs and hotels in our community in Sligo. However, we have a long term vision which we are super excited about. If you want to be involved or have your own ideas and suggestions, leave a message here or contact myself on 0874233073. We are looking for a lead person in every county in Ireland.

Caroline Carty

Thank you very much for your support and positive comments. Awaiting to hear from Innovating communities if we have enough people to do the course. I will follow up with them during the week. Share with your friends and families, the more likes and comments the bette opportunity we have. In the meantime, reach out to your local restaurants and get their feedback too if they are willing to come on board. If your working in the disability sector, discuss with SU's to see were they dine out and what supports they want in restaurants eg braille menus and assistive technology etc....

Niamh O’connor

How do I sign up? Congrats Caroline - let’s get this ball rolling!

Melanie Sheerin

This absolutely needed!
I personally enjoy reading the menu descriptions. Some are composed with such creativity that they could pass as poetry.
However, a business owner must think of innovative ways to attract and get a diverse range of customers inspired by their menu.
Nice looking photographs will definitely bring focus to the quality of food and provides for a more interactive way to engage with customers.

Majella Gallagher

Great idea. Something that is very much needed. Everyone has the right to feel included in our society

Aoife Roddy

Fantastic idea Caroline! I hope you can get restaurants and cafes on board, great idea for our own advocacy committee to take on too.
If I can help at all please let me know, I'm sure you'll have it done in no time, you're quite persuasive and determined. Looking forward to seeing the menus on our next trip out in Sligo!

Paul Carty

Superb idea, Caroline. Wish you every success with it. Accessibility for all.

Nicole Gallagher

A fantastic idea that would definitely make social outings more accessible to everyone. I would love to see this happen! Lets make our community more inclusive πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Jane Tansey

100% brilliant idea Caroline. Menus should be made more accessible to everyone .. πŸ€—

Sarah Kelly

Absolute brilliant idea 😍 Would love to see this change happen to make social outings more accessible for everyone πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Sarah Guihen

This is a fantastic idea and definitely one that’s needed all around Sligo!
Would love to see this been implemented!

Kellie Burnside

This idea resognates everything that should be considered when making communities Inclusive 🀝 Fantastic Idea and opportunity for all who gets involved in making sligo more accessible to all .

Ann Lawrence

What a fantastic idea Caroline, hoping our local restaurants get onboard and support this initiative πŸ‘

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