Securing a safe Footpath/cycle track between Dunfanaghy and Portnablagh - or better still - to Ards

Posted by Robert Wasson on Jan 8, 2022

As above - plans exist


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Ann Sweeney

Hi Robert,
Everything has its time, perhaps 30 years ago we were not in the zone or misunderstood the strategy, in any case there must be a way to effect movement and action on any of those issues would be good. I believe resources have been allocated to a dedicated design thinking training programme just for us so happy days! Ann

Robert Wasson

Hello Ann
I'd be more than happy if, after all these years, we could see some real progress on a safe footpath on the N56. I'm now meeting the children of those who campaigned for such a development 20 or 30 years ago!!!
After that, who knows ........? Marble Hill would be catered for by such a development.
Other challenges remain such as the Health Centre, Post Office, Public transport, bus shelter/s, parking, camper vans, derelict buildings, catering for disabled visitors, toilets, sewage treatment, blocking pavements, etc. etc. before we even start on "transforming" Dunfanaghy.

Ann Sweeney

Hello Robert,

I think your idea is great, will we exclude Marble hill? There are far too many visitors there in any case.....

Best wishes Ann Sweeney

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