Towards 2025: Community Groups Connecting

What does the future hold for your community group?

Our communities have grown and changed over the past number of years, how we engage and interact with one another is also changing. The needs, wants and ambitions of people who live in our local area and how we connect is becoming more diverse too.
Is it time to take a fresh approach to engaging
your communities’ greatest asset, IT’S PEOPLE!

Some of the challenges faced by all community groups.
> How can you better understand your community, it’s people, who they are, their wealth of skills, talents and diversity?
> Are there untapped skills in your community which could bring a new energy to your community organisation?
> How can you connect with them and engage them moving forward?
> How can you empower your community group and its residents?
> How can you support your community grow and deliver in these ever changing times?

Why not start the journey today to re-focus and re-energise your community group.


Social Enterprise, Smart Villages, Development Group, Local Services

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Simon Canning

Thanks Gemma,
This a great opportunity for committees and groups to explore how they take the next steps to move forward their groups and to inject new energy following a particularly troublesome past couple of years.

Gemma Haughey

Gemma Haughey Receptionist here in the Volt house Raphoe expressing interest in the free training for committee groups. I look forward to hearing any updates on this. and our committee will be taking part.

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