Simple Bi-lingualism symbolism (Irish language/heritage,) as core rural/economy/tourism accelerator

Posted by Noel MacLochlainn on Oct 22, 2021

The history, heritage, culture of Irish family and place names could be leveraged by many Innovating Community project challenges. Symbolism is powerful, transforming ordinary story lines into remarkable narratives. Border counties have both Anglo and Gaelic stories to tell, two facets.

Innovation is the goal. The cultural popularity of Breaking Bad (two personas in one) and Game of Thrones (borrows heavily from the Irish "Book of Invasions") is proof re-visualizing our landscape/projects with bi-lingual/cultural bias has merit. Bi-bilingualism as symbolic principle in signage is a start. Over time we can develop great products and enhanced story lines by tapping our rich Anglo and Gaelic Irish heritage. Innovation happens everywhere, from simple ideas.

Note: I am working alone on some Digital Heritage Development ideas, so would love to work with others to explore ideas to embrace Gaelic Irish heritage, not ignore it.

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

Smart Villages, Development Group, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Children And Families, Tourism, Place & Space, Technology

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Maria Brennan

That sounds like great -a way to access all the layers and memories that is as Gaelige about nature and landscape, Manchán Mangan has book 32 words for field. He mentioned volunteers in Co. Meath have gathered 24,700 field names (and regard them as 'the essential threads that hold that quilted fabric' or landscape together.) or what about 60,000 Townlands tap into local knowledge stories etc.

Derbhille Clarke

HI Noel, your challenge sounds very interesting. Hope you get lots of like on the challenge. Regards, Derbhille (Louth)

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