Lack of Access to Water Sports

Living in Cooley area, Co. Louth, I have noticed that even though we are living very close to the sea there is a lack of access to affordable/free water sport equipment. As a result most local families don't engage with water sports as it is very expensive. The idea would be to set up community group and apply for funding for container and water sports equipment that could be used by local community.


Local Services, Health And Wellbeing, Children And Families, Youth Development

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Derbhille Clarke

Hi, I don't see any name of the person who put this challenge into the challenge bank. However if you see this message please contact me on 087 2592098 as I'd like to discuss this challenge further with a view to turning this into a course in 2022. My email is or you can contact me 087 2592098.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Louth LEADER Partnership

Gerard Byrne

I think that access to the water and all the training and equipment which goes along with it should be there for the people of this island nation. Public bodies should be providing and encouraging this access.

Vesna Radosevic

I agree, it is important for all ages and community groups to be relaxed around the water and to enjoy water sports safely and freely. Ireland is full of lakes, rivers and bays and we should cherish that possibility and opportunity. Unfortunately equipment and storage solution for water sorts are limited and expensive and not available to all. Lets change that!!!

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