Interactive noticeboard / whiteboard in Monaghan Town and other towns

Ideas from Monaghan Farmer's Market - Interactive noticeboard / whiteboard

Communication between groups etc would be overarching theme here?


Connectivity / Broadband, Local Services, Town Centres, Technology

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Carol Lambe

Communities already have a way of sending messages out- they just aren't using it! Every community which has a text alert group has an account set up within Monaghan Community Alerts, and has the ability to send out messages to the people who have subscribed to their local group within the service. This is free to the group, as Monaghan County Council picks up the tab.
If your community does not have a text alert group, you can still talk to me (Carol) and I will set up a group within the system for your community so you can send out local community messages.

Join Monaghan Community Alerts by downloading the Komeer app. Then search for 'monaghan...' and it should autofill the rest of the name for you. Click subscribe. There are about 30 sub-groups at the moment. You can sign up to receive alerts from none, one, a few, or even all of them if you like.

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