Developing Universal Design Community Garden

Posted by Larisa Schmit on Jul 29, 2021

Developing and establishing Dundalk Community Garden, based on a Universal Design would be all inclusive, accessible as well as supporting a wide range of needs. It would be a place where all ages and backgrounds could find respite and experience nature, supporting sensory, therapeutic and mental health. It's aim is to engage all levels of ability and backgrounds, children with additional needs, families,young people,single individuals, general population, dementia sufferers, it would support those who feel lonely and isolated no matter the age or gender in gardening, horticultural therapy or just enjoying the change of seasons or to learn something new or inspire connection to nature. Help bridging the gap in town center activities and bringing the community together.


Social Enterprise, Development Group, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Biodiversity, Connectivity / Broadband, Local Services, Health And Wellbeing, Town Centres, Children And Families, Food & Drink, Tourism, Infrastructure, Place & Space, Youth Development

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Larisa Schmit

Joe, that's what I am thinking too, so many benefits for the community! Thank you for your support!

Larisa Schmit

Gerard, really love your thinking! Thank you

Derbhille Clarke

Hi All,
I will be putting a post up on this idea on Louth LEADER Partnership's Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin on the 3rd November at 2.00pm. Please can you go in to one (or all ) of the pages and like and share the idea so that we create more awareness and get more people liking the idea here and get more support. Then we can look at turning this idea into a Design Thinking course in the New Year!
Many thanks,

Gerard Byrne

I'd like to support the setting up of the community garden project. I also think that the design could be a local initiative and part of the setting up, rather than just cloning the current accepted designs.

Joe Mulligan

Many in Dundalk would benefit from a community garden. Good thinking Larisa.

Roisin Cotter

This is a fantastic idea for Dundalk Town. The time is right for this type of community project which works so well in many, many towns and villages around Ireland and can really enhance the health and well being of local people who get involved.

Bryan Rice

Really great idea. Just what Dundalk needs !

Vesna Radosevic

great idea, we need something like this in County, our Lennon garden are poorly maintained and our parks are not fully resourced.

Derbhille Clarke

What a wonderful idea Lara, now start spreading the word and get people to like and comment on your idea here and if you have enough interested parties this could make a Design Thinking course.

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