Build Compassionate Connected Communities

Build community with training in Asset Based Community Development or similar model
Promotion of compassionate connected community including groups and organisations and help them realise their potential to promote health and wellbeing ( 8 dimensions of wellbeing: intellectual wellbeing, occupational wellbeing, environmental wellbeing, relational wellbeing, physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing, financial wellbeing)


Social Enterprise, Development Group, Natural Resources, Local Services, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Town Centres, Children And Families, Food & Drink, Place & Space

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Clodagh Mcgreehan

Yes Seamus this is something that might lead on from Wells of Connection... I am sorry to hear about that young man and for his family and close connections.

Compassionate communication and just listening spaces would be a massive help for young people in mental emotional distress as well as the whole of community.

I particularly support in person support.. We need to build this in the community from the bottom up I'm my opinion.. Not every person has people who they can connect with for support. But hopfully one day compassionate communication and just listening, having time and curiosity for each other, asking for help, will enable more connected and resilient communities. Its really just a matter of being well connected in the traditional sense but with the modern ways of understanding health ......

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