Village regeneration through infrastructure improvement

To create community cohesion, participation and buy in from the wider community. To create a shared vision to address local dereliction, parking, walking, birdwatching, by implementing an economic priority for the local community first.


Business, Development Group, Local Services, Education / Training, Town Centres, Children And Families, Infrastructure

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Ann Sweeney

Hi Maria, thank you for your support. Our village could be amazing which at a level it is, if small things like motor home parking, car parking, litter bins, and excellent public toilets were in place. It makes no sense that this is not the case. I have spent 29 years trying to get the council to address the illegal infill in the harbour basin but without community cohesion the council will not engage. The problem is that the traditional power brokers continue to hold the power so no creative vision can get through. We need to give the whole decision making structure a shake and launch an “ other voices campaign” This would be where local solutions would be sought and new structures created to implement them. The image that comes to mind is of emptying a bucket of water while valuable it is no longer fresh! You have me on a roll with possible solutions. Thank you.

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