Diversification of the rural economy for future sustainability

Trying to encourage and promote farm and rural diversification and in particular on farm diversification, thereby using the assets of the farm for non agricultural activities in order for the farm household to be viable in the future. This is becoming increasingly important in terms of small farms, succession farming and environmental impacts.

Leitrim, Cavan

Biodiversity, Business, Circular Economy, Food & Drink, Local Services, Natural Resources

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IlĂ­ocht O'brien

One idea I have thought important on this topic is the dis-use of old cottages on farm lands. These cottages are often in excess of 300years and are a monument to Irish history. Forgotten and left to crumble these cottages can be done up/ protected as 'museum' type locations that can be preserved and even generate income to the land owners, whilst educating visitors as to the lifestyles of our past.

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