Food Growers Network & Strategy in Monaghan

Connecting consumers with the county's growers, and connecting growers with one another. Expand on the existing (?) Monaghan Food Network between restaurants and food producers in the North Monaghan area and make it a county wide effort.
Create a new strategy? - the last one was 2017-2020.
A community supported approach to agriculture is required as many farmers do not have the time for the admin side of things.
Food poverty needs to be addressed too. Could we introduce food subsidies similar to medical subsidies for those on social welfare?
Offer social food credit, can only be spent on locally grown or produced food?
Ensure balanced focus on veg growing alongside meat production; there's a lot of emphasis on meat and dairy.
Promote seasonal consumption.


Social Enterprise, Business, Natural Resources, Climate Action, Brexit, Covid, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Circular Economy, Food & Drink

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Kathleen Kearns

Great idea, particularly the vegetable and fruit growing element. we could replecate in Leitrim too.

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