Implementation of Migrants Integration Strategy

Posted by Mila Khokha on Apr 6, 2021

Each county has developed Migrant Integration Strategy following the publication of the National Migrant Integration Strategy. Implementation of any strategy is always the hardest bit, it is even more challenging when different languages, cultures come into play. Integration is a 2-way process that involves action by migrants as well as by Irish society, and for a successful strategy implementation, migrants themselves should take an active part in the strategy implementation. It will create a real sense of belonging, it will empower and create a lot of opportunities.

Matic Migrants Advocacy, Training & Integration Centre

Donegal, Leitrim, Sligo, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth

Social Enterprise, Development Group, Local Services, Education / Training

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Gerard Byrne

A noble enterprise. I think that asking the migrants for their input on the design of the project is a good idea.

Carol Lambe

A good start would be to contact the county's Migrant Integration Officer, Brenda Clerkin, at, and ask her how you can help

Lola Gonzalez

I posted a similar idea earlier in the challenge bank. I'm in the committee for the Leitrim International Community Group. We started talks on a strategy last year with the Leitrim County Council, Leitrim Development Company and North Leitrim Intercultural Forum Group but due to Covid and loss of staff it was put in hold. We're working on getting back to talks and looking at securing funding. We feel we need to get Irish people in the community involved too. Cooperation is key in a successful strategy.

Josephine Stroker

That could work well with the regeneration of towns and villages. There are good examples internationally where where Migrants became involved in the regeneration of communities creating a win-win for new communities and existing communities.

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