Beside the Seaside

I would like Louth Co Co to provide beach huts for rental along the beach fronts in areas like Port, to get people to have more contact with the beach, it would bring a bit of colour to the areas and help people take a bit more pride in the area.


Health And Wellbeing, Tourism, Place & Space, Natural Resources, Children And Families

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Eire Duffy

Thanks for your positive comments. I know the huts could be more Irish in design, with a bit of security, lighting and a communal area, my hope is exactly what you have said Seamus reduce littering and anti social behaviour. Get everyone to buy into the area and have pride in it.
Thanks guys.

Eire Duffy

That's a great addition. Brilliant. I think it will get families to invest in the area, reduce littering and anti social behavior. A blend of people, will also help. Thanks.

Olivia Shiel

Lovely idea. Some of the huts could be designed as fully accessible for people with disabilities or the elderly so it would be an inclusive resource.

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