Better community integration

Posted by Ejiroghene Ohare Stratton on Mar 25, 2021

Moving to a different country is not an easy task. Once you arrive to your new country you can be faced with different barriers. One of the most common problem faced by families arriving to Ireland presently is that of language barrier and Culture shock. Culture shock can be experienced from difficulties of making new friends, worries of
fitting in and finding job. You suddenly feels like the outsider.
Your life has changed and your previous life seems so distant away.
You become uncomfortable as
you grow in different direction than what you have been used to. Life becomes stressful and tense. And you begin to look for clusters that reminds you of home in silo groups. Integrating becomes difficult.
But remember you will not always feel this way. Our challenge is to use our unique skill set to bring together women from all the different nationalities living in Co Louth to work together with people they would normally not work with for better integration in our communities.


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Jasmine Mathew

Really innovative idea loved itπŸ’—.... well done team Hands4unity πŸ‘ good vibes sent with love and care throughout the community.... again an inspiration, lets keep inspiring πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

Jisha Mathew

Great Project Ejiro,and would really appreciate your passion and commitment 😍😍

Emmanuel Ntemuse

This is a great idea Aunty and really touches on a very relevant but often overlooked issue in the migrant community. I wish you the best of luck with this inspiring initiative!

Roseline Bateren

Great project idea. Making this project happen will mean a lot to everyone involved already. We all need to help one another. All the best to team hands4unity. I really hope the project gets picked for action for a wider community benefit.

Bisola Oki

This is a very good project idea. Something that we have been working on for the past year prior to the pandemic. We would be delighted if the wider community can support us

Princy Joseph

Our project will keep us united in this tough time and global pandemic.We feel connected and united, so we are stronger together ❀

Lina Arogundade

Women have always been the backbone of the family alongside the massive roles they play in society. The time to put those genius minds and abilities together to address relevant issues that would build us rather than tear us apart is long overdue. I am a proud benefiary as well a contributor towards such visionary. Great initiative!

Bridget Chukwurah

Fantastic project. Well done Ejiro for starting this wonderful work, inclusion is not an easy task accepted by all but to have a forum like this where ones voice is heard is great especially for women from all walks of life where ideas, culture is shared and reaching out to other people is great. Proud to be a member.

Kemi Sodade

This is a great initiative. Excited to be a part of it. As an immigrant, I can totally relate to the challenges one can face in a new environment. Glad to be able to help others settle into their new "home".

Anthonia Akinobisan

We are getting there. Women need to support women. No matter the class. Colour. Race. Culture. We are all one. United we stand for one another.

Danni Stratton

What a great project idea ! As someone who has experienced first hand the difficulties of moving away and immersing oneself in culture far from your own I understand whole heartedly how important it is to bring together people from all walks of life to better our own community. Best of luck to all those involved.

Ejiroghene Ohare stratton

Thanks Alix for your comments. Please like and share this link with the teachers that work with you in the local school.

Alix Magilton

This project sounds amazing! So important to welcome different nationalities to the community as they can only benefit more to the local community with their skills and knowledge. Your drive and passion will help bring this change that we need. Best of luck to all involved in the project!

Ejiroghene Ohare stratton

Thanks to Grainne, Maeve and Noirin for supporting this challenge. Please share with your contacts for more support for this project.

Grainne Berrill

Love this! Ejiro your passion for genuine integration and positive cross cultural work is evident in this challenge proposal. I think you have clearly identified some of the causal factors for silo behaviour, which is after all only natural, but also the challenges that emerge from that. Would be very happy to support this project

Noirin Coghlan

Delighted to see this post from Hands 4 Unity. Your passion and commitment jumps off the page. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with your group and watch it grow from strength to strength. This is a very real challenge in our community and SICAP fully supports this action.

Maeve Harkin

Sounds like a great social inclusion opportunity

Ejiroghene Ohare stratton

Our Project will break down barriers associated with the silo communities that are gradually emerging in our midst and will bring people to integrate together better in the wider communities. Women working with women they would normally not work with. Making new friends for a better and more inclusive integrated community. Please like and share with your contacts. All hands looking out for each other

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