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Posted by Noirin Coghlan on Mar 23, 2021

Moving house is considered one of the most stressful life events. Imagine trying to settle into your new neighbourhood during a global pandemic and national lockdown. I know all about this challenge as I faced it when I moved into a new estate in August 2020. I also know community services are striving to develop new ways to reach marginalised individuals and communities safely, as we emerge out of a lockdown as restrictions are being lifted. COVID has highlighted many of the inequalities that existed pre-COVID 19, for example, the digital divide is acutely felt by those who experience social isolation.
Aim: The aim of this project is to reduce the digital divide, combat loneliness and social isolation for marginalised communities as we move towards recovery from the impact of COVID on our economic and social life. The benefits will enhance education, health and wellbeing and other opportunities for marginalised individuals / communities.


Smart Villages, Covid, Connectivity / Broadband, Local Services, Education / Training, Health And Wellbeing, Children And Families, Food & Drink

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Kathleen Kearns

is it possible for you to link in with the local family support centre? or are you in the same boat as my community? no family support services with in your 5 km?

I would reinterested in how you progress with this project and wish you well.

Bisola Oki

It been a pleasure working with through hands4unity, best of luck in your project.

Princy Joseph

It was a great pleasure to be working with Noirin,.You are a true inspiration for the members of hands 4 unity.

Bridget Chukwurah

Interesting project Noirin that address the stress of moving homes and the impact it has on the individual and families, isolation from others after moving to a new environment which add up to the whole stress. We all need each and every one deserves to be happy wherever they live.

Lina Arogundade

A great idea that would bring awareness and boost community spirit, from H4U, I'm in support. Well done Noirin!

Ejiroghene Ohare stratton

Great idea Noirin, thanks for using Hands4unity members for the trial phase. It was a very interesting experience. Everyone who got involved totally enjoyed participating. We are 100% totally behind this project idea. Best of luck.

Maeve Harkin

Sounds like a great opportunity to develop social inclusion in the area with a new housing development

Noirin Coghlan

Thanks Dara, the potential is boundless. Fits if well with Louth Co Council Super Connectors initiative too.

Dara Macgabhann

This sounds like a really good project NoirĂ­n and would be a great way for intergenerational integration too

Noirin Coghlan

Thanks for your support Nicola, look forward to working with you to develop this idea.

Nicola Hogarty

This project has the potential to break down social isolation barriers that people are facing in an enjoyable,inclusive and positive way.

Fiona Kierans

This looks like an interesting project, appropriate during the pandemic.

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