Creating infrastructure to develop sustainable craft enterprises in rural communities

The last factory within the village was a guinness bottling facility that closed in the 1990s. We identified a pressing need for collective workspaces for the many creatives that live in the village. Creatives include; ceramic artists woodworkers, bakers, designers, furniture makers, antique restorers, textile workers,
web designers. Despite living in a small village covid-19 lockdown has highlighted the massive potential of online sales and the support that is shown to Irish businesses by buying local. Creating a craft quarter in kiltyclogher could not only drive light manufacturing but also supply back to the local tourism industry. With higher footfall, ancillary services would be needed, including a cafe and craft shop that would also greatly benefit the community in its social aspects.


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Carol-ann Mc gowan

Hi Ciaran
Great idea re pop ups especially as we have tennis courts and poly tunnel, giving us the potential for safe outdoor / semi outdoor space. Ply wpod panels could bridge the gap temporarily over unused raised beds or between raised beds that are in use- which could offer several indoor vendors decent space. Deffo worth thrashing put with Kevin.

Ciarán Rock

I wonder could you have a few pop up events to test the water while we pursue a space in the village.A portable Outdoor Cafe and Crafts market.Being mobile might also broaden the market.This might be a quick way to group people and find more answers to the longterm goal/challenge.

Susan Carton

So perhaps a space with the front-of-house comprising craft gallery/ cafe and studios/workshops/remote working hubs on the same site? A set- up like this would complement and add to the sustainability of the existing community amenities - the Holiday Centre, the Community Garden and the Heritage centre.

Paul Slattery

This is a great idea, there are so many talented crafts people in the area. It would be great to have somewhere that all of these crafts could be displayed. Hopefully we could enjoy a nice cup of coffee there too when circumstances allow.

Susan Carton

There are so many talented people in and around Kilty - and a community who would support them. In the dedicated space Jane talks about above, could we consider serving coffee and cakes? We do love to get together for a chat here in Kilty and it would provide a much needed space for visitors to the village too.

Carol-ann Mc gowan

than a minute ago
Great feedback starting to come in and expanding workspaces to suit all sorts of remote workers would be great, as we find locals sometimes have to access WiFi from the two existing promises with high speed broadband. Could be advantageous to third level students too

Mairéad Byrne

A workspace which could be divided into accommodate a variety of craftspeople and remote working would keep people working within this rural village, contribute to the local economy and add value as a destination to move to in rural Ireland. A coffee shop and craft shop / gallery would assist in showcasing the wonderful talent within the community and be a valuable asset to the local tourism industry

Jane Chambless wright

Wouldn’t a dedicated space somewhere in Kilty - be a great place to display (and sell?) the work of all our amazing craftspeople? A sort of gallery/craft store with an assortment of our “products” on display? Wouldn’t have to be big or fancy - just a simple space with white walls and a few display cabinets?

Kevin Willis

the talent is there already, it just needs to be supported. hope to be able to drive this forward in our sessions.

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