EV Electric Vehicle Interpretive Centres joint funded by vehicle manufactures'/government

Posted by Ronnie Lawson on Mar 21, 2021

Ireland is banning the sale of new diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.In less than nine years from now motorists will be asked to embrace new technologies in a new form of transport most have never used before. To help this transition E.V. centres are needed to assist the motoring public in becoming familiar with the use of such vehicles. Here they can test drive different models by hiring and taking them on a circuit provided by the centre. In doing so such fears as range anxiety can be addressed and the advantages of owning such vehicles can be shown in a hands on experience. I feel this could speed up the interest in such vehicles by familiarising the public on a need to know basis. These centres could also help in making the transition to E.V.s less challenging as we approach the 2030 deadline. These centres would arguably be the first of their kind in Ireland and bring other benefits such as tourism. Here visiting families can experience the future of travel.

Sligo, N/A

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Charles Cunningham

I think this has legs, it’ll take something like this for ev acceptance to get any real traction with the average driver, as I often drive 1000 kms a day, I’m very sceptical of ev’s in general, but I would welcome the chance to have a real world experience before taking the plunge on buying one.

Patrick Carney

That’s a very good idea and the time is right for us all to think of motoring in the future and how it will effect us.

Aaaa Aaaa

Really good idea Will definitely help tourism

Alison Taylor

This is a great idea and would give people a chance to try new ideas with the new cars and get used to them

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